In the media

Sometimes we're lucky enough that our research is highlighted on podcasts, in films, and in newspapers or magazines. Check out the page below to hear about some of our work!

Glimpses of the organizations that have featured our work.


Once there's enough research on a topic, it's nice to look at all of those pieces of research together. In our reports, we try to do just that!

Rachel smiling, looking through binoculars.

Ongoing research

We study ungulates in multiple different ecosystems to learn what drives their populations and how they are connected with their environment. Science is a process, and each one of the projects that we undergo takes multiple years to design, collect data on, analyze, and complete. Check out our ongoing projects below!

Finished, peer-reviewed projects

After years and years of hard work, scientists wrap up their research by writing papers and publishing them in peer-reviewed journals. Go to the next page to see some of our finished products!

Collage of peer-reviewed articles