Elk publications:

Lamont, B. G., K. L. Monteith, J. A. Merkle, Tony W. Mong, S. Albeke, M. Hayes, and M. Kauffman. 2019. Multi-scale habitat selection of elk in response to beetle-killed forest. Journal of Wildlife Management.

LaSharr, T. N., R. A. Long, J. R. Heffelfinger, V. C. Bleich, P. R. Krausman, R. T. Bowyer, J. M. Shannon, E. M. Rominger, C. P. Lehman, M. Cox, and K. L. Monteith. 2019. Biological relevance of antler, horn, and pronghorn size in records programs. Journal of Mammalogy.
Bighorn sheep outline Mule Deer pronghorn Moose White-tailed deer Elk


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