Popular press and outreach

For media inquiries, contact Dr. Kevin Monteith at kevin.monteith@uwyo.edu.

An illustration of a woody sagebrush.

Below are some of the popular press articles that have featured members of the Monteith Shop or their projects.

“Cameras on collars give scientists intimate view of natural world,” by Christine Peterson for WyoFile, 2023. Link.

“Still hope for Meeteetsee moose, says expert,” by Buzzy Hassrick for Cody Enterprise, 2023. Link

“Meeteetse talks moose,” no author for Cody Enterprise, 2023. Link

“Risk and reward capturing bighorn sheep via helicopter netgunning,” by Brittany Wagler for Wild Sheep Magazine, 2023. Link

“Good forage helps bighorn herds recover from dieoffs,” no author for The Wildlife Professional, 2023. Link

“Following ‘catastrophic’ winter, state may need to relocate deer,” by CJ Baker for The Wyoming Truth, 2023. Link

“TWS Fellows named for 2023,” no author for The Wildlife Society, 2023. Link

“What’s in store for the devastated Wyoming Range Deer Herd?,” by Mike Koshmrl for WyoFile, 2023. Link

“Why this bighorn herd is declining while others are thriving,” by Eli Fournier for The MeatEater, 2023. Link.

“Backcountry skiers are disrupting endangered bighorn sheep, according to a new study,” by Steven Hill for Field and Stream, 2023. Link.

“TWS 2022: backcountry skiing pushes out endangered bighorn,” by Joshua Rapp Learn for The Wildlife Society, 2023. Link.

“Elk linked to declining mule deer populations,” by Eric Galatas for Kiowa County Press, 2023. Link

 “Habitat is critical for wildlife to survive harsh winters like the one we just had,” by Nicole Pollack for Casper Star Tribune, 2023. Link

“In winter’s wake, lions, bears and coyotes could be in the crosshairs,” by Mike Koshmrl for WyoFile, 2023. Link

 “Thriving elk, struggling deer: Coincidence? New research suggests not,” by Mike Koshmrl for WyoFile, 2023. Link

“After harsh winter, wildlife managers will likely adjust hunting regulations,” by Caroline Chapman for Buckrail, 2023. Link

“Governor holds meeting to discuss Wyoming’s wildlife,” by Hannah Bugas for Wyoming Livestock Roundup, 2023. Link

“Gov’s team listens but finds few solutions for wildlife, now,” by Joy Ufford for Pinedale Roundup, 2023. Link

“A deadly disease stalks deer and elk. Do predators help or hurt?” by Christine Peterson for High Country News, 2023. Link

“Mule Deer Days: Quartering, Caping, and Collegial Conversation,” by Emma Marsing for Wyo4News, 2023. Link

“Study: deer’s lifelong fate is affected by mother’s health at birth,” by Christine Peterson for WyoFile, 2023. Link

 “Facing a ‘die off,’ bighorn sheep get airlifted for a health checkup,” by Hannah Merzbach for Wyoming Public Media, 2023. Link

“Bighorns in the Upper Green captured for research,” by Mark Gocke for Wyoming Game and Fish Department, 2023. Link

“New big game migration maps aim to inform on-the-ground conservation,” by Aedan Hannon for Casper Star Tribune, 2023. Link

“Biologists worry about die-off after ewe hunt failed to substantially cull pneumonia-prone bighorn herd,” by Billy Arnold for Jackson Hole News & Guide, 2023. Link

“Amidst the rocky crags,” by Emily Reed for Modern Huntsman, 2021. Link.

“Study examines role of coyotes in declining mule deer numbers,” by Melodie Edwards for Wyoming Public Radio, 2019. Link.

We’ve worked with multiple organizations to tell the story of data through film!

The Road Less Traveled is the story of what it takes for mule deer to raise offspring in a world crisscrossed by roads, and the role that crossing structures can play in helping mule deer.

Deer 139 movie poster

Deer 139 is the story of 3 women retracing the steps of of one bold mule deer.

Vacant space film poster

Vacant Space makes us wonder what life would be like without mule deer. Made in partnership with First Lite and Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership.

Podcasts are some of our favorite ways to talk about our research! Here are some of the episodes we’ve been featured on.


Rebekah, Tayler, Mitch, and Kevin joined Wild Things & Wild Places to talk about researching mule deer in the Wyoming Range, predator ecology, and more!

Kevin talked with Steve Rinella of MeatEater about the landscape of fear!

Mitch and Rhiannon joined the RokSlide crew to talk about their research on coyotes and mule deer and punk rock mule deer!

Rebecca, Ellen, Rachel, Brittany, Sam, Tayler, and Rhiannon joined Artemis to talk about their research for the “Chasing Ungulate Tales” series!

Rhiannon talked about mule deer on Ologies!

For many of us, talking with kids about our research and the animals we study is one of the most rewarding parts of our job. Below are a couple of the K-12 engagement efforts we’ve engaged in!

Photo credit: Taylor Wagstaff
Photo credit: Taylor Wagstaff

Scientific inquiry

We led a team of local 5th graders in conducting a research project about their local area. Students designed a question, made observations in the field, and created and presented a poster.

Photo credit: Rhiannon Jakopak
Photo credit: Rhiannon Jakopak

Learning about the natural world

We led a track-making activity, where participants learned about the different kinds of tracks the animals of Wyoming make.

Photo credit: Rhiannon Jakopak
Photo credit: Rhiannon Jakopak

Using art to understand the world around us

We led K-12 students in lessons about nature journaling, close observation, and using art to better understand the world around us.

We are always excited to share our work with interested folks, and talks are a great way to do that! Here are a few of the public-facing talks we’ve given recently.


Sheep Show

Each year, we travel to Reno, Nevada to the annual Sheep Show Convention to share our work about bighorn sheep.

Photo credit: Rhiannon Jakopak
Photo credit: Rhiannon Jakopak

Short public-facing talks

We’ve shared our research at the National Bighorn Sheep Center, Izaak Walton League of America Laramie Chapter (shown in photo to the left), Meeteetse Public Library, and with many other groups!

Photo credit: Jenny Thompson
Photo credit: Jenny Thompson

Naturalist outings

We spend much our professional lives out in the field, observing animals in their natural environment. We love to share about tracking animals and interpreting their presence on the landscape through programs like the annual Wyoming BioBlitz.