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We are a research group focused on providing a scientific basis for management and conservation of ungulates. Often through individual-based research and intensive field studies, we connect individual animals to their environment to learn what influences their behavior, growth, reproduction, and survival in the face of a changing world. Our aim and our motto are to “advance science and management one data point at a time.” Learning about these species in a way that can shape on-the-ground decisions is contingent upon long-term, empirical data, which are hard to come by.

Through comprehensive field studies, scientific output, and active engagement with scientists, stakeholders, and the general public, the overarching goal of our group is to provide meaningful contributions to the field of wildlife ecology while effectively informing management decisions.

Group leader:

Kevin Monteith shows one of his taxidermy projects to the viewer. Behind him, many deer mounts hang on the wall.

Kevin Monteith

Hometown: Bristol, SD
Alma mater(s): South Dakota State University (BSc in Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences; MSc in Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences) and Idaho State University (PhD in Biological Sciences)
Projects: All of them…

Graduate students:

Jack marvels at a small frog.

Jack Gavin

Hometown: Wenatchee, WA
Alma mater(s): Western Washington University (BSc Environmental Science and GIS)
Projects: Wyoming Bighorn Sheep Nutrition and Disease Project


Macy Jacobson

Hometown: Lander, WY
Alma mater(s): Casper College (AS in Wildlife Biology), University of Wyoming (BSc Wildlife and Fisheries Management and Biology, with concurrent major in Environment and Natural Resources)
Projects: Beaver-Ungulate Interaction Project (page forthcoming!)

Jaron Kolek on the river.

Jaron Kolek

Hometown: Winchester, CT
Alma mater(s): University of Connecticut (BSc in Natural Resources)
Projects: Sierra Nevada Bighorn Sheep Project

Rebekah doing field work alongside her pup.

Rebekah Rafferty

Hometown: Solvang, California
Alma mater(s): University of California, Santa Cruz (BA in Environmental Studies and BA in Modern Literature) and Humboldt State University (MA in Social Science, Environment & Community)
Projects: Wyoming Range Mule Deer Project

Seth holding a bird during field work.

Seth Rankins

Hometown: Cusseta, Alabama
Alma mater(s): Auburn University (BSc in Wildlife Ecology and Management), Texas A&M University – Kingsville (MSc in Rangeland and Wildlife Management)
Projects: Sierra Nevada Bighorn Sheep Project

Yasaman Shakeri holding mule deer antlers up to her head.

Yasaman Shakeri

Hometown: San Jose, California
Alma mater(s): University of California Santa Cruz (BA in Environmental Studies) and Oregon State University (MSc in Fisheries and Wildlife Science)
Projects: Sierra Nevada Bighorn Sheep Project

A scientist with a dirty face, a ball cap, and a puffy jacket stands far away from a female bighorn sheep, who is in the background. The bighorn sheep is looking off into the distance, and seems to not notice the scientist.

Rachel Smiley

Hometown: Marlborough, CT
Alma mater(s): University of Connecticut (BSc in Natural Resources)
Projects: Wyoming Bighorn Sheep Nutrition and Disease Project


Rhiannon Jakopak sits on a giant saddled jackalope, staring majesticly into the distance.

Rhiannon Jakopak

Hometown: Scotland, SD
Alma mater(s): University of Wyoming (BSc in Wildlife and Fisheries Biology and Management; BA in Religious Studies; MSc in Zoology and Environment and Natural Resources)
Projects: Casper Mule Deer Project
Link to CV

Tayler LaSharr smiles at the camera, turned to show that her puppy Ovis is sitting inside her pink backpack.

Dr. Tayler LaSharr

Hometown: Phoenix, AZ
Alma mater(s): University of Arizona (BSc in Natural Resources emphasis Conservation Biology) and University of Wyoming (MSc in Zoology and Physiology)
Projects: Wyoming Range Mule Deer Project, Harvest Records Project
Link to CV

Rebecca is thrilled by a sheep skull.

Rebecca Levine

Hometown: Providence, RI
Alma mater(s): Swarthmore College (BA in Biology)
Projects: Meeteetse Moose Project

Ben smiles and looks at the camera, with a large backpack on his back.

Ben Regan

Hometown: Reno, NV
Alma mater(s)/degrees: Montana State University (BSc in fisheries and wildlife management)
Projects: All of them!

Brittany smiles at the camera, gleefully showing off a cylinder of ungulate poop.

Brittany Wagler

Hometown: Cody, WY
Alma mater(s)/degrees: University of Wyoming (BSc in zoology and physiology, MSc in zoology and physiology)
Projects: Wyoming Bighorn Sheep Nutrition and Disease Project
Link to CV

Taylor happily emerges from a creek.

Taylor Wagstaff

Hometown: Hulett, WY
Alma mater(s)/degrees: Eastern Wyoming College (AS in Science), University of Wyoming (BSc in Wildlife and Fisheries Biology and Management, minors in Honors and Creative Writing)
Projects: All of them!


Heather excitedly points at a white-tailed deer.

Heather Abernathy

Hometown: Cumming, GA
Alma mater(s): University of Georgia (BSc Ecology), University of Georgia (MSc Forest Resources), Virginia Tech (PhD Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences)
Projects: Deer-Elk Ecology Research Project

Ellen Aikens sits in a blue hammock in a green forest environment. A black dog looks back at her as if to say, "What are you doing?"

Ellen Aikens

Hometown: Kintnersville, PA
Alma mater(s)/degrees: Ursinus College (BSc in biology; BA in environmental studies), University of Wyoming (PhD in ecology)
Projects: Wyoming Range Mule Deer Project

Mitch stands in a wetsuit, wearing goggles and a snorkel. Behind him is water and a bird flying by.

Mitch Brunet

Hometown: Brantford ON, Canada
Alma mater(s): University of Guelph (BSc wildlife biology & conservation)
Projects: Deer-Elk Ecology Research Project

Kristen stands in a green pen habitat, looking back and smiling at a collared caribou sniffing her elbow.

Kristin Denryter

Hometown: Clinton Township, MI
Alma mater(s): Madonna University (BSc general biology), Northern Michigan University (MSc Biology), University of Northern British Columbia (PhD natural resources and environmental studies), University of Wyoming (postdoc).
Projects: Sierra Nevada Desert Bighorn Sheep Project

Sam Dwinnel stands with her back to the viewer, looking back and smiling. She appears to be at the edge of a snowy, rocky slope and is wearing skis and a large green backpack.

Samantha Dwinnell

Hometown: Faribault, MN
Alma mater(s): University of Minnesota-Duluth (BSc in biology; BA in environmental studies); University of Wyoming (MSc in zoology and physiology)
Projects: Wyoming Range Mule Deer Project

Matt Hayes looks past the camera, covered in deer hair during adult captures.

Matt Hayes

Hometown: Hastings, MI
Alma mater(s): University of Wyoming (BSc wildlife and fisheries biology and management; MSc rangeland resources; MSc water resources)
Projects: Deer-Elk Ecology Research Project

Katey Huggler stands in a sagebrush steppe environment, smiling at the camera. Her small puppy is zipped into her green jacket with her.

Katey Huggler

Hometown: Priest River, Idaho
Alma mater(s): University of Idaho (BSc in wildlife resources) and University of Wyoming (MSc zoology and physiology)
Projects: Deer-Elk Ecology Research Project

A man and a child, both wearing florescent orange, pose with a recently aharvested mule deer buck.

Bryan Lamont

Hometown: Raleigh, NC
Alma mater(s)/degrees: Appalachian State University (BSc sociology) , Colorado State University (BSc wildlife biology), Sierra Nevada College (Teaching Certificate), and University of Wyoming (MSc zoology and physiology)
Projects: Sierra Madre Elk Project

Alex May stirs a skillet full of food on a camp stove with tents and red rocks in the background.

Alex May

Alma mater(s): Colorado College (BA in biology) and University of Wyoming (MSc in zoology and physiology in progress)
Projects: Snowy Range Moose Project

Emily Reed smiles at the camera in a selfie from her car. Her pup leans their head on her shoulder.

Emily Reed

Hometown: Cody, WY
Alma mater(s): University of Wyoming (BA in environmental studies; BA in English)
Projects: Ungulate Compendium

A man wearing a ball cap sits in the driver's seat of a vehicle, and is taking a selfie with a bison walking along a paved road.

Lee Tafelmeyer

Hometown: Cooperstown, ND
Alma mater(s)/degrees: University of Jamestown (BSc in Biology)
Projects: Pronghorn Harvest Project

Tana stands on the rocky banks of a river, holding a very small frog.

Tana Verzuh

Hometown: Grand Junction, CO
Alma mater(s): Colorado State University (BSc zoology), Montana State University (MSc science education), University of Wyoming (MSc Zoology)
Projects: Snowy Range Moose Project

Shop Friends:

A black dog with long hair cools off in a spot of water in a rock crack.

Person: Jaron Kolek

A brown dog with a bandana around her neck stands in front of a rock outcroup.

Person: Heather Abernathy

Gus, a gray and black dog, and his short legs are playing in some snow. The snow in front of him is disturbed, as if he's already been romping for a while.

Person: Tayler LaSharr

Hayduke, a corgi with black, white, and brown, takes a break in some sagebrush. She looks tired, as though she has been running through the sagebrush for days.

Person: Rebekah Rafferty

A black dog with his tongue out sits in the snow, holding a red frisbee.

Person: Brittany Wagler

A black dog looks majestically over an Alaskan landscape.

Person: Yasaman Shakeri

Ovis, an energetic black dog, walking on a trail on a ridge. She is surrounded by lush plants, including yellow and purple flowers. Her tongue is hanging out and her ears are perky.

Person: Tayler LaSharr

A brown cat with an orange streak on her forehead reclines in a cozy cat tower.

Person: Taylor Wagstaff

A close up of a red dog with his mouth hanging open.

Person: Rhiannon Jakopak

A black dog with a white chest looks off screen, with her mouth open and bright eyes.

Person: Rachel Smiley

A dog with an open mouth sits in the back of a vehicle, with an open landscape in the background.

Person: Rhiannon Jakopak